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Several recent studies on the effects of acupuncture on hypertension indicate that it can have a significant impact on lowering high blood pressure and managing the side effects of medication (Cevik, 2013). Researchers at University of California at Irvine have been studying the neuroendocrine mechanism underlying the significant clinical effect acupuncture has on the treatment of hypertension for the last 15 years. 

They have discovered that electroacupuncture (EA) at the points P 5-6, Li11-10, St 36-37 and Ht 6-7 lowered hypertension and that low frequency and low current electroacupuncture (EA) produces significant results. Notably when P 5-6 receives only acupuncture without needle manipulation to stimulate ‘deQi’ sensation there was no effect on hypertension. EA is used to deliver consistent stimulation
to the underlying nerves which send impulses to the rVLM part of the brain, a part of the medulla which interacts with the cardiovascular system. EA at low frequency at P 5-6, Li 11…



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Acupuncture In Brantford, Ontario

Esther Norine Shelley, R.Ac
Do you need to revitalize your energy due to fatigue? Registered Acupuncturist, Esther Shelley, can help restore and rebuild your energy! Lose the fatigue–Live with Vitality!
Do you catch every cold and flu going? Specific acupuncture points help strengthen your immune response (called Wei Qi) to an improved level of health, and that includes allergies!
Are you active in sports such as golfing or tennis, and have hurt any of your joints recently? Knees, elbows, shoulders? Brantford Acupuncture Clinic offers you help with pain relief from golfer’s & tennis elbow, sciatic pain, knee concerns and arthritic pain!
Our services extend to Brantford, Brant County, St. George, Ancaster, Paris, Cambridge and Hamilton, ON and beyond!
Are you having problems conceiving? We offer fertility support services as well, and help keep you comfortable throughout your pregnancy as well. Morning sickness, back pain—these all tend to play a part in ‘pregnant life’, and acupuncture…

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Acupuncture Works for Tremors condition!

Know anyone who suffers from tremors? My patients' hand shakes if she picks up a pen to write, never mind if she actually attempts to write! This definitely interferes with quality of life!
One scalp acupuncture session on a Friday, kept the tremors at bay until Monday. Her followup was Wed. and Fri. Today, she said she was able to put on her eye liner! Ok, now that's a priority!  Yes, acupuncture works!

Acupuncture works to strengthen our immune system to help us naturally resist illness and pain.

At Open Windows 2 Wellness Acupuncture our highly trained and compassionate practitioners understand the importance of individualized health care.

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